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Gwyneth has had three books published, two in Sweden and one in the United States.


A Global Perspective for a Worldwide  Workforce


Gwyneth’s fourth book! Gwyneth’s latest book, A Global Perspective for a Worldwide  Workforce, came out in February 2015 and contains most of the articles she wrote for the Volvo Group’s staff magazine, Global, between 2000 and 2015. In a light-hearted way the book deals with some of the issues which arise when people from different cultures have to adapt to working globally. It’s illustrated by Hanna Melin.

Order A Global View as book or ebook from (for US, South America etc.) and for the UK and Europe.


Med  globalt perspektiv


Gwyneths fjärde bok, men hennes första på svenska! Med  globalt perspektiv: för en worldwide workforce är Gwyneths senaste bok, hennes första på svenska, som gavs ut i mars 2015. Kåserierna publicerades mellan åren 2000 och 2015 i AB Volvos interntidning Global och tar på ett lättsamt sätt upp några av de frågor som uppstår när människor från olika kulturer börjar samarbeta globalt. Illustrationer: Hanna Melin.

Du kan köpa boken på svenska inom kort.

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English at work

English at Work for Speakers of Swedish, was published in autumn 2012 by Stockholm publisher, Prodicta. This book contains a wide range of work-related materials designed to inform and amuse employees. Content includes reference guides, exercises, wordlists and puzzles designed for a wide range of abilities.

When in rome

When In Rome or Rio or Riyadh: cultural Q&A’s for successful business behaviour around the world, was published in 2004 by Intercultural Press in the United States. In 2006 it was awarded an Outstanding Academic Title by "Choice" magazine (a publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries/American Library Association) and has also been translated into Arabic.

Everyone makes mistakes

Everyone Makes Mistakes, is an easy-to-read book illustrating the problems that arise if you speak “Swenglish.” It was first published in 1999 by Studentlitteratur and is soon to be re-published.