Intercultural seminars and workshops

If you or your company has to start to work with clients from a different culture to your own, this may be the time to examine the influences which shape how you work together. Learning about how other cultures think and work can help improve international working relationships at your company.

The client decides on the number of participants and the length of sessions. Training is always tailored to companies’ specific needs, and seminars and workshops are held in English, although attendees may use Swedish if they wish.

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Sweden and the Swedes. What makes you special? (half-day session)

Before working with people from other cultures you need to understand your own. What do we mean by "the Swedish character" and how does nationality affect the ways we work and communicate with people from other cultures? We learn what to think about before we start working internationally and how to minimise “culture clash.”

You will be able to buy copies of “When in Rome or Rio or Riyadh” from the author.

Working in global teams – the intercultural element (half-day session)

We work increasingly with people from other cultures. However, teamwork is not easy for a culturally diverse group whose members may come from very different backgrounds. We examine how the culture of the place we were brought up affects the ways we communicate, and look at how to minimise possible problems when working internationally.

You will be able to buy copies of “When in Rome or Rio or Riyadh” from the author.